Aventura Parks Dubai

Tour Overview

Test your balancing skill, climb, swing, zipline and have utmost fun and adventure all day! This is precisely what you get to experience on your visit to Aventura Parks Dubai. Its exciting challenges across five levels cater to all ages and fitness levels. With an expert crew always by your side, it provides all essential equipment and further abides by the special EU safety regulations. All these allow you to push your limits in a safe, tranquil environment.

Be Ready to Get Active 
Spanning over 35,000 square meters, Aventura Parks Dubai features more than 80 adrenaline-pumping challenges in its five levels. Each level gets harder as it goes on. This means that you can easily pick a circuit that matches your unique abilities and skills. Moreover, with challenges and obstacles starting at 1.05 meters in the MiniKids course, it’s even ideal for the youngest member in your group. 
Diverse Park Experiences 
Of the five courses, Rangers is the mildest with a total of 19 challenges. It is perfect for little ones above 1.15 meters. This is followed by Explorador; it consists of 17 challenges which are exclusively created for families and kids. The next one is Thriller that comes with 15 challenges – it takes you to heights with low-risk yet exciting zipline experiences. Aventura, on the other hand, is designed with 15 medium-level challenges. Fun and thrill reaches at its peak in Extreme as you surfboard along the trees and take to its 16 nerve-wracking challenges such as the 25 meters Tarzan jump. 
Have Absolute Aerial Fun 
There are a variety of sky-high rope challenges to satisfy your inner daredevil. Step off your comfort zone with the park’s Leap of Faith experience that requires you to ascend a six meters high pole to reach atop. Want to scale the thrilling heights? Hit the 12 meters high Himalaya climbing wall that offers the most panoramic views of the surroundings. To test your balancing skills, try Cat Walk as you walk along a plank blindfolded. Another must-try challenge for adventurists is Jacob’s Ladder which needs a team of two to tackle it.


    • Entry tickets to Aventura Park Dubai
    • Activities as per the circuits chosen while booking
    • Round trip transfers (if transfers chosen at the time of booking)

Exclude: Unlimited water package, rental gloves or other amenities.

Why Should I Go For This?

  • Satiate your appetite for nature, amusement and exhilaration as you get away from the routine and hit the high ropes course at Adventure Parks inside Mushrif Park.
  • Fly through the trees, brave the 25 meters Tarzan jump, and enjoy ziplining, all the while admiring the natural surroundings of the park set amidst the indigenous ghaf forest.
  • Perfect spot to plan fantastic family and team-building activities with 80 plus challenges (spread over five levels).

Important Information

  • Please follow all rules and instructions given by park employees.
  • Children under 12 must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times
  • NOTE: Please  book as per the height criteria mentioned in the options
  • Persons weighing more than 100 kg./who, due to their size, cannot use the standard safety harness, shall be given an all-in waist-chest harness. The maximum weight 130 kg for adult and 100 kg. for children are permitted.
  • People with determination will not be allowed to participate in any activity at Aventura Park.
  • The service provider holds no responsibility if any component of activity is non-operational due to technical reasons or weather conditions.
  • No heavy luggage is allowed to be carried during this activity.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited within the park.
  • Anyone with long hair must keep it tied up.
  • This ticket does not include Musharif Park’s Entrance Charges.
  • Entry fees for tourists and UAE residents will be charged through the NOL card by Dubai Municipality at the Entrance of Musharif Park.

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